Kelsey + Elizabeth // Waterton Onesie Wedding

When Elizabeth first contacted us about an elopement in Waterton National Park, we were EXTREMELY excited. Eloping. Mountains. Hiking. Dogs. Onesies.

Onesies? As in, one-piece sleeping outfits? You bet.

Obviously curious about the onesie thing, we couldn't help but ask what the significance was. Elizabeth then told us the story of how she had lost her previous husband, Cam, to cancer a few years before. Since she had already walked down the aisle in a white dress, Elizabeth and Kelsey opted for a fun and unique ceremony in onesies. Elizabeth had hers custom made and it was accompanied by her bouquet-filled fanny pack that she bravely wore on their second date. Kelsey really wanted to wear a top hat. The elopement evolved into a small ceremony with their family and close friends and they had to follow the dress code too. Many were reluctant at first, but they were thankful for the coziness when the wind picked up off the lake.

After the ceremony, everyone changed into their fancy wedding attire. It felt like the second wedding of the day - doing a first look and rolling off in the buggy with tin cans clanging behind them. Then we got to explore the beauty of Waterton with this awesome couple. Kelsey and Elizabeth were absolute naturals in front of the camera and so amazing to work with. It was all so effortless and we were super shutter-happy. 

Elizabeth had one of Cam's ties sewn into her dress and another was used to wrap her bouquet. This day was incredibly special to them, honouring what has happened and celebrating what will be. Their strength and love is truly admirable.  

Kelsey has walked and continues to walk my grief journey with me, allowed me time and space, and then held me close and taught me to dream again. With him, I learned that my life didn't end when my late husband's did.

This wedding is one for the books. Such an incredible, inspiring, enjoyable experience.